About Nault Group

We're land specialists focused on getting you the most for your property!

Our Commitment

Rather than focusing on buzz words and development terminology land owners might not understand; we focus on building trust and providing unbiased market data. This helps our clients navigate the sometimes complex world of development land. We keep in consistent communication with engineers, architects and city planners in your city which allows us to provide up to date information about the value of your property. In addition to identifying values, it allows us to execute a marketing plan that clearly demonstrates its highest and best use to potential buyers. A combination of industry knowledge, the latest marketing technology and in-house professional graphic design translates to your property gaining the exposure needed to sell in this ever changing market. 

We had thought about selling our family's property for a few years but were quite intimidated by the industry. Marty walked us through the entire process, kept us well informed and ultimately got us a great offer.

Sam Wilkinson - Mission, British Columbia

Marty's vast knowledge of Fraser Valley development land allows him to provide invaluable advice in a rapidly changing market. He takes great pride in educating our clients about the specifics of development and working with them to assess the current market landscape to maximize property values.

Pat covers all things business development. He oversees our land research and acquisitions, while keeping consistent communication with land owners, whether current or prospective clients. He also manages Nault Group's marketing initiatives, from creating web content, to listing brochures and publishing our quarterly newsletters.

Wilma's experience in Office Administration & Financial Services enables her to keep all Nault Group transactions organized and on schedule. She ensures all clients are kept apprised of required documents while providing a seamless real estate experience that our clients have grown accustomed to. She also manages Nault Group's community initiatives and charitable events.


A combination of the latest development land data and a multi faceted team specialized in your asset class, we provide a one stop shop for land owners considering a sale of their property. 

We've built a wealth of knowledge over the years and work with prospective buyers to seek land opportunities that meet their criteria such as budget, density, location and development timeline. 

A research company at the core, we provide a bi-weekly newsletter that touches on local development land real estate as well as micro and macro factors we believe might affect values in the near future.