Fraser River Crossing Forcemain Project

Fraser River Crossing Forcemain Project

“We should celebrate this milestone in the forcemain project,” said Mayor Paul Horn. “Our team and community have invested a great deal of time and resources in this project and it will soon be underground and out of sight. After so many years of planning and preparation, this moment deserves to be celebrated.”

The project is set to complete on schedule  completion set for April.

Now that the pipe is in place, upcoming work includes pressure testing, connecting both sides, backfilling, completing the final switchovers on the Mission-side, and cleanup and site restoration.

Protection of the Fraser River environment and ecosystem has been the City’s number one priority throughout this project, and work has been completed with strict adherence to the best practices specified by the provincial and federal governments to protect fish, wildlife, and the natural environment.

“This milestone marks the culmination of a large team of very talented professionals working together to achieve one of North America’s largest and longest dredge, drag, and cover pipe pulls while adhering to some of the most stringent environmental regulations in the world,” said Jay Jackman, Manager of Development Engineering, Projects & Design.

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